Yapawwa- The 4th Kingdom of Sri Lanka

Rising 100m from the surrounding plain, the impressive granite outcrop of Yapahuwa has some fascinating features and history. In the early 13th century Yapahuwa was the capital of the country. 

Between 1272 and 1284, King Bhuvanekabhu I, the son of the King Parakramabahu who at that time ruled Dambadeniya, used the rock fortress as his capital and kept Lord Buddha’s sacred tooth of  Sri Lanka relic here.

On top of the rock the remains of a stupa, a Bodhi tree, and a rock shelter/cave used by Buddhist monks are visible. A couple of caves are seen at the base of the rock, one of which is a Buddhist Shrine whereas another has some inscriptions on it. 

The rock fortress has a strong resemblance to the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.

Languages : Sinhala / English

Duration : 30 Minutes