Polonnaruwa- Mediaeval Capital City

The glory of Anuradhapura was destroyed by the South Indian invaders, particularly the Cholas, compelling the Sinhala monarchs to establish the capital in a different location Pulatthinagara – modern Polonnaruwa. Unlike Anuradhapura, the monuments are concentrated in close proximity nevertheless in several localities forming clusters of monuments. Each cluster belongs to more or less one single builder. When all the monuments are taken into consideration resembles multiple characteristics. The architectural features, sculptures, paintings and writings on stone have its own identity of Polonnaruwa type influenced not only by Buddhism but also by Hinduism as well. This fabulous garden city of twelfth century is presented in this documentary with all aspects of its importance. The UNESCO declared Polonnaruwa a World Heritage Site in 1982.

Duration: 53 Minutes

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Languages : Sinhala / English

Duration : 53 Minutes