Mihintale- The Cradle of Sinhala Buddhist Civilization

Mihintale is a rocky hill, 16 kms to the east of Anuradhapura. It is considered the cradle of the Sinhalese civilization. King Devanampiyatissa was converted to be a Buddhist by Arahath Mahinda, at this historic place in the 3rd century BC. Mihintale was originally a pleasure garden of the  kings of Anuradhapura even before King Devanampiyatissa.

From ancient times a large number of large steps were constructed to climb Mihintale. It is stated that King Devanampiyatissa constructed a vihara and 68 caves for the bhikkhus to reside in. At Mihintale there gradually grew a number of Buddhist viharas with all the dependent buildings characterising  monasteries of that period.

Duration: 42 Minutes

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Languages : Sinhala / English

Duration : 42 Minutes