Dambadeniya- The 3rd Kingdom of Sri Lanka


Dambadeniya, became prominent in the mid-13th century. It was selected as the capital of Sri Lanka by King Vijayabahu III (1232–36). The sovereignty of the country was at stake as a result of invasions, which dislodged Polonnaruwa as the capital. Vijayabahu, the king of the Dambadeniya dynasty, fought the invaders and established Dambadeniya. 

On the summit of the Dambadeniya rock he built fortifications and sturdy walls and gates. The city was made secure by a moat, a marsh and ramparts around the royal palace.

Vijayabahu’s successor was his son, King Parakramabahu the II who ruled till 1270. King Parakramabahu was known to be a genius and it was during his reign that the Dambadeniya Kingdom flourished. It is believed that the Dambadeniya period was the ‘Golden Era’ of Sinhalese literature.

Languages : Sinhala / English

Duration : 30 Minutes